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For B2B Companies:

We will launch a cold outbound system for your business and you only pay if you hop on a call with a qualified prospect.


So if you want to get an additional 3-5 clients or 8-15 more booked meetings per month, but not sure how - We will launch a cold outbound system inside of your business, and you only pay when you hop on a call with a qualified prospect..

No commission, setup, or retainers.


B2B Agencies, Consultancies, Coaches, Freelancers, & Companies

Have you ever tried cold outbound but it's too difficult to get results? 

At this point, you've probably been pitched lead generation by hundreds of marketing agencies, or maybe even burned by some agencies in the past.

And they've probably been pitching you the same retainer model with an expensive setup fee.

And you don't want to have to spend a thousands on gathering data or trying to figure out how to put together a lead generation system. So you give them a try and... you send the Stripe payment.. and there's nothing to show for it.

So if you're experiencing feast or famine months where you can't sign clients and focus on fulfillment at the same time.

Or you're reliant on word of mouth marketing, networking and referrals..

Or maybe you just simply want to grow your business from where it is by owning an actually reliable and systematized marketing system without spending extraneously high amounts of money on ads or a marketing agency.

That's what we can do for you.

Now, there are some companies that are reliably, systematically and consistently generating revenue and booked calls through cold outbound and sustainably growing their businesses, and some that barely see any results.

And 99% of people who try don't see results. So how are the ones who are succeeding doing this?

How do you do this? Does cold outbound even work? Isn't it just spam? Why even bother listening to you?

Cold Outbound Is, And Always Has Been, The Cheapest & Most Effective Way To Advertise

If you're looking to advertise in a way that requires little money, mostly time, and is very effective, cold outbound is the way to go.

You can try ads; but you will lose money before you start to make money.

And since there are only 3 ways to let people know about your stuff: ads, cold outreach, and organic (content, networking, etc). 

Your best option for growing is cold outbound.

Why do people cold call, cold email, cold DM so much?

It's because it works. But most people do it incorrectly, and never see results because of that.

99% of cold outbound done is complete garbage. As I'm sure you can see in your inbox daily.

But this doesn't mean cold outbound doesn't work. It means you need to differentiate and send grossly high amounts of volume with an offer that people actually want to buy with a backend that actually converts.

So How Exactly Do You Do Cold Outbound?


Offer, VSL, VTs & Copy Creation


Infrastructure, Mass Outbound, and Lead List Creation


Systematize & Stabalize


Get Qualified Meetings & Close Them

Now let's go through each of those steps more in depth.

1. Offer & Copy Creation

What this entails is that you actually have an offer people want to purchase. Because you probably don't have a grand-slam offer that is highly intriguing just yet. You need to address your ICP's problems, and offer a solution to them that is actually intriguing. 

Then, you need to create a campaign level offer and an agency level offer.

And use various campaign level offers in your cold outbound scripts, tagged with unique lead magnets & angles.

2. Mass Outbound

Now that you've decided what to say, you need to begin mass outbound. Because this only works in sheer volume.

This means you need to set up the infrastructure behind the mechanism, find the leads and use KPI's to personalize your message, and convert them from cold leads into engaged prospects.

3. Systematize & Stabilize

Now you need to systematize your lead generation. Firstly, you need a clear path that each lead goes through, from cold, to engaged, to on a call with you.

Secondly, you need to stabilize your lead generation - meaning you know about how many calls you hop on per month. Usually, your lead gen will stabilize after about 90 days, after the warm up period, initial testing, market research, and systems are all set up.


4. Get Qualified Meetings & Close Them

From here, you get booked calls. You hop on the calls. You close them. And fulfill - without having to divide your attention on outbound and on fulfillment.

Problems With Other Agencies

1. You don't own the system

You're at the mercy of the marketing agency. At any point, they could just shut down your marketing if they shut down the company. You can buy the system from us any time you want, for a reasonable price.

2. Unreasonable Pricing

Most marketing agencies will charge you outlandish prices for minimal or no results, usually in the form of a monthly retainer. We charge you on a complete performance basis - meaning you only pay when you are on a call with a qualified prospect.

3. Outlandish Guarantees

A significant amount of marketing agencies will promise you the moon in terms of results, and dozens of calls within the first 60 days, "no-risk at all", "we work for free if you don't get results." You don't want somebody to work for you for free. You want results.


We understand there is risk involved working with any marketing agency, whether that be money, time, or reputation.

The great thing about cold outbound is that it is cheap (even from our end, and we front all the costs), requires mostly time (which you won't need to expense), and you don't have to sacrifice any sort of reputation because none of your competition will know what you're doing since cold outbound is exclusively 1-on-1.

We Will Set Up The Messaging, Mass Outbound, and Get You Booked Calls

We set up the infrastructure, the offer creation, the copy creation, the client acquisition process, the A/B testing, the software, domains, emails, inbox management, and more.

And since we have been doing this for a long time, we understand not just what to do, but exactly how to do this, all of the tips and tricks, secrets and experience  and staying power that would otherwise be required to create not just an outbound system, but a client acquisition machine that runs for you without you having to check in on it every day and that you can rely on.

What this basically entails is that the only thing you have to actually worry about is the appointments that show up on your calendar. We will handle everything related to the system - so you can genuinely focus on fulfilling for the clients you have and stop relying on word of mouth marketing, referrals, networking, and expensive paid ads. 


Schedule an Outbound Audit

This service was designed for B2B Agencies, Services, Consultants, & SaaS.

The Consumer Trust Economy (and how to win)

The Consumer Trust Economy (and how to win)

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  • What is the cost?
    It will depend and vary based on industry and the niche(s) you are trying to target. It is harder to implement for some businesses compared to others, but it will work for you as long as you have a relevant offer and a market that actually wants to buy it. But you will not pay unless you are on a call with a qualified prospect.
  • What if I don't know how to close cold leads?
    My suggestion for learning anything is to simply watch 100 hours of content on YouTube about it. Watch Alex Hormozi. Watch Jordan Belfort. Learn, learn, learn, you start off by sucking, and then learn through the suck.
  • What if the leads are bad quality/not my ICP?
    We only target people who are in your niche, and thoroughly validate each list to make sure they are your ICP. If that were to ever happen, you can tell us and we will make adjustments immediately to make sure that never happens.
  • Why don’t I just try and do this myself?
    Well, why can't people just do your service on their own? The answer is: You could. But you’d be stuck between trying to fulfill your service delivery and do the thing. And cold outbound marketing, while simple, does take skills to learn and takes a significant amount of time and energy and resources and a lot of failing. So if you’d like to save 4-5 months of time and headache, then you can use me.
  • What if I don’t have the money?
    You only pay after about 70-90 days into the process, when we are ready to hand the system to you. At that point, you should have secured at least 10-30 booked calls with cold leads, to which you should have closed enough deals to cover our system completely.
  • When do I see results?
    And as you may know, there is a warm up period and a period of further A/B tests. This will take about a month. The first 2 weeks will be a warm up period, followed by a gradual increase of cold emails being sent, and A/B tests on offers and email copy, to figure out what offers and email copy works for your business. You will see the best results in about 90 days. But once it’s optimized, you’ll have a client acquisition machine on autopilot.
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